Research & Events

Research and Events

In April 2015, Gary Day, Director of Garden of Music undertook a voluntary research project, inspired by ‘PROMISE 2001’ (Provision of Music in Special Education, in England).

The aim of the research was primarily to explore current music provision in special schools and schools with a Learning Support Centre (LSC) including the accessibility of lessons and training needs for teachers and other school staff.


Garden of Music host regular Teachmeet sessions, through the ‘Inclusive Music NI’ Facebook group and encourage anyone with an interest in inclusive music practice to join.

A Teachmeet is an informal meeting of people, with a shared interest.
The purpose is to share practice, not sell products.
People can volunteer to do short 5-10 minute presentations and participate in longer group discussions and is a good way to informally pick up tips and ideas as well as having networking opportunities.

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