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Gary has a warm and welcoming style when leading workshops, putting everyone at ease. He works with individuals within the group with sensitivity and also holds and energises the whole group. Gary is fantastic at making sure everyone in the group is included, allowing them to join in and be part of the group wherever they are at. His extensive knowledge of and skills with assistive music tech mean that he can find creative ways for everyone in the group to be involved.

Isabel Bedford

Discovery Projects Coordinator, London Symphony Orchestra

I have worked with Gary for several years across a number of programmes. During my time as Head of Essex Music Services, Gary was part of a team of SEND/inclusion experts who supported us to set up an creative ensemble which allowed disabled and non-disabled young musicians to socialise and make music together. This was a legacy initiative from ‘Bright Futures’, a long-term, strategic workforce development which attracted significant press and was seen as a trailblazing approach to how Music Education Hubs work with special schools.

More recently, in my role at Lewisham Music, I have worked with Gary more closer during his time at Greenvale School. He led Lewisham’s pilot Open Orchestra, utilising technology to help children in the school overcome barriers and make music with others. Gary is an incredibly responsive, creative and sensitive practitioner. His positive and inclusive approach is extremely inspiring, as his excellent approach to partnership working. He is a joy to work with and is extremely supportive of other colleagues. I absolutely consider Gary as one of the UK’s top leaders in inclusive music education practice, and can’t wait to work with him again.

Charly Richardson

CEO Lewisham Music

Gary worked at Greenvale School, a secondary special needs school for students with complex needs as the Music Enrichment Teacher for 4 years. During this time, he led staff training on inclusive music, which not only developed staff skills and confidence, but had a lasting impact on our students engagement through inclusive music making. Gary also participated in a Sounds of Intent / Trinity College London pilot accreditation scheme to recognise students musical engagement and participation. This involved working with students with complex needs on a variety of inclusive music activities, and using short videos as evidence of assessment of their music-making in the areas of ‘Proactive’ and ‘Interactive’. These videos were subsequently moderated, and all students achieved accreditation.
Liz Smith

Deputy Head and Music Coordinator, Greenvale School

Gary has worked with the Museum of London on several projects in recent years and I have always been very impressed with his commitment and skill at engaging young people through music. His warmth and empathy with his audiences shine through and he is a pleasure to work with.
Noel Hayden

Programme Manager (SEND), Museum of London